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Your Connection: Typical Error Messages
Fortunately, most web surfing problems are not too difficult to resolve. The following list of symptoms and cures covers the majority of web surfing problems you're likely to encounter.

Error message: "Netscape is unable to locate the server The server does not have a DNS entry..." This is almost always because the connection dropped or was never made. There are actually two programs that run in order to connect you to the Internet; the dialer and the browser. In Windows95/98, the dialer is called "Connect to". When it's running properly, you can see a button on the START bar labeled "Connected to" or there will be a small icon near the right end of the START bar. Click on it to make sure you have a connection.

Error message: "The page cannot be displayed." Make sure you are still connected to the Internet. (see previous section) Check the address to make sure you typed it correctly. Try connecting to a site you know is working. If you connect up OK, then the site you were trying to reach is offline or unreachable.

Error message: "Javascript error..." Generally this is a problem in the webpage you are viewing and you can ignore it. It is possibly that your browser is not Java capable. Netscape version 3.0 and Internet Explorer version 4.x and higher are all Java capable. Internet Explorer 4.0 has Java and active-X linked. If you turned off active-X (prudent considering the security issues), it also disabled Java. Turn it back on in the Internet settings.

Consider upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. The web is constantly evolving and software must keep pace or the experience will become very unsatisfactory indeed