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Your Connection: V.92
V.92 is the new modem standard for dial-up internet connections. V.92 is faster, connects quicker, and lets you answer your phone while you are on the Internet! This last improvement, called Modem on Hold, will be the biggest benefit to you.

Modem on Hold (MOH) works with your phone company's Call Waiting service. If you get a phone call while you are on the web, one click puts your Internet connection on hold while you answer your phone call. When you are finished with the call, another click hangs up the call and puts you back where you left off on the Internet. There is no extracharge from Backroads to use this service, however you must have a V.92 capable modem and call waiting from your phone company.

V.92 is faster. Even though your computer will say it is connected at the same speed, you will actually be able to download faster! This is because the information you are downloading will be compressed more than usual. To your computer it looks like you are downloading a smaller file. V.92 also connects faster. Once you connect to Backroads with a V.92 modem, your modem will remember the settings. From then on, your modem will connect faster because it does not have to relearn all of the settings. All of these features work independently of one another, so you can take advantage of one or all of them.

How do I find out if my modem supports V.92? Windows 95, 98, and ME: Click on Start, Settings, and then Control Panel. In the Control Panel double click on the icon that says Modems . A Modem Properties box will appear. Click on the Diagnostics tab. In the Port column, click on the port on which your modem is installed and it will be highlighted. Now click the More Info... button. This may take a few seconds. Once the Modem Info... window appears look at the row that begins with ATI3. If your modem is a V.92 modem it will say V.92 on that line.

Windows XP: Click on Start and the Control Panel. If you are using the category view click on Printers and Other Hardware and then click on Phone and Modem Options. If you are using the Windows classic view double click on the Phone and Modem Options icon. Once the Phone and Modem Options window appears click on the Modems tab. Now click on your modem to highlight it and click the Properties button. When the Properties window appears click on the Diagnostics tab and then the Query Modem button. In the Command/Response box scroll down to the ATI3 command. If your modem is a V.92 modem it will say in this line.

Can I upgrade my existing modem? There are some modems that are able to be upgraded, such as most U.S. Robotics modems. For more specific information check our Modem Page.

Where can I buy a V.92 modem? V.92 modems are available almost anywhere you can buy computer parts and equipment. However, Backroads customers are elligible for a $10.00 discount on the purchase and installation of a V.92 modem at Computers Plus in Laurens and Impact PC in Newberry.