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E-Mail Support: SPAM
Sometimes it seems as if spam comes in faster than a swarm of gnats in late afternoon down by the creek. To assist in dealing with the flood of spam, we have hired Inspector Spam!
  • Prevent getting nasty messages in front of your kids.
  • No need to download dozens of messages you didn't want in the first place.
  • Sort through spam at your convenience, not at the whim of thousands of anonymous hustlers at the other end.
Here at Backroads, we believe in your right to free, unfiltered E-mail. You decide if you want Inspector Spam to presort your mail for you, and how strict he should be. Spam filtering is not an exact science, so sometimes the Inspector misses a spam message and lets it leak into your main E-mail box. And sometimes he'll mistakenly separate legitimate mail from people you know because it seems like spam.

If you do not receive spam, it's best to leave spam filtering off - then there's no way for your mail to be missorted. It also lets the good Inspector take a day off every now and then!

How it works:

  • Click Here For Inspector Spam.
  • Log in with your User Name and Password.
  • Click on the Inspector Spam picture to the right.
  • You select the level of filtering you want.
  • Inspector Spam will check each E-mail as it arrives and either puts the message into the spam shredder pile or shreds it immediately depending on your preferences. (Actually, no human will read your mail - Inspector Spam is just a robot).

    To prevent overflowing your inbox or to check for good mail on the shredder pile, simply check in with Web Mail occasionally and delete messages in the SpamShredder box!

Business Users:

If you have multiple dial up accounts or a LAN, there are other options available to you. Please call our Backroads office today to discuss these options.