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General Information: Pop Up Ads
Love them or hate them, if you surf the Internet you will encounter Pop-Up ads. With the possible exception of SPAM, Pop-Up ads head the list of the most annoying aspects of the Internet.

Pop-Up ads come in many flavors, from simple "How did you like our site" to flashy, high tech graphics to a flood of new windows that open up when you leave a site.

Cheap and attention grabbing, Pop-Up ads have been a favorite of advertisers on the Internet.

Backroads has looked at several Pop-up Ad killers, but we have not found any that we endorse.

If you decide that you want to try a Pop-Up killer or blocker, please take note of the following:

  • Some programs are free, and some have a free trial period. Be sure you know what you are downloading. The cost to keep a program could be very high.
  • Make sure that it comes with an "uninstall" feature, in case it does not work correctly.
  • Not all Pop-Ups are bad. Some programs need to be able to open a new window, or pop-up an error message. Be wary of a program that blindly blocks everything.
  • Programs with black lists (sites you want blocked) and white lists (sites you will allow pop-ups from) give you more flexibility, but require that you interact with the software.

Backroads does not and can not provide any technical support for Pop-Up ad killers or blockers. If you need assistance, please contact the software vendor.