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Your Connection: Modems
· Actiontec (by KingMax) ATS38=0
· Cirrus Logic CLMD56xx AT+MS=V34,1,300,33600
· Hayes external AT&F&C1&D2W2+MS=11,1,300,33600
· Hayes internal ATS38=0
· HSP Micromodem ATN0S37=12
· Lucent AT-V90=0
· ModemMaster 8000-56k ATS37=12
· ModemSurfr 56000 AT+MS=11
· Rockwell or Conexant AT+MS=V34
· Rockwell (older) AT+MS=11
· U.S. Robotics ATS32=98
· Venus (by KingMax) ATS38=0
· Courier ATS58=32
Backroads uses the best modems available in the industry today and continually updates the code to insure fast, reliable connections for our subscribers. To insure you get the most out of your computer, you will need to update your modem software from time to time.

The three most popular modem types are USRobotics, Agere (formerly Lucent) and Conexant (formerly Rockwell). 3Com and Lucent do a very good job of supporting their modems. Visit the Agere support site or the USRobotics support site for updates. Rockwell does not support their chip sets directly. You will have to get the updates from the PC manufacturer, the modem manufacturer or a third party web site such as Modem Drivers.

You may need to disable V.90 (the high speed protocol) in order to get a stable connection. Some modems cannot be updated because the manufacturers have either stopped supporting those modems or they’ve gone out of business (i.e Hayes and Cirrus Logic). Even with a modern modem, you may need to disable V.90 long enough to download the update. To disable V.90, click on START, then SETTINGS, open CONTROL PANEL, open MODEMS, highlight the modem and click on PROPERTIES. Click on the CONNECTIONS tab, then on the ADVANCED button. In the white box labeled EXTRA SETTINGS, reference the list at right and type the appropriate init string.