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General Information: Content Filtering
The Internet offers a wide range of resources. Never before has so much information been available so easily.

However, you may feel that you do not desire for all of this information to be available to all members of your family or business.

Due to the wide variety of customers that Backroads serves, it is impractical, if not impossible, for Backroads to provide a single content filtering solution that meets everybody's needs.

Therefore, family or single computer users should look into a PC based filtering solution that runs on your own PC.

Here are several that have been highly rated.

Businesses that are interested in content filtering should contact Backroads for further information about other options that are available.

Backroads is not affiliated with any of the companies listed above, and Backroads is not liable for any damages incurred by the use of, or caused by, the use of any of these products. Backroads also makes not warranty that any of these products will perform to your satisfaction.