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E-Mail Support: Frequent Questions
The WebMaster told me my return address is misconfigured: We check our logs and can often find problems before they become big problems. Backroads has detected an error in your e-mail settings that will make it difficult for people to respond to your e-mail messages. It's usually the result of a common installation error and is relatively easy to fix.

In Netscape Communicator, click edit, then preferences. Click the little plus sign next to Mail & Groups, then click on identity. Your e-mail address and your reply-to address should be your Next, click on Mail Servers in the category column to the left. On the right, check that both the incoming and outgoing mail servers are set to

For Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, the mail client is Outlook Express. To check your login name, etc, click the Tools menu, select Account. In the next window, click the Mail tab, your mail account should be selected. Click the Properties button to the right to find the fields where you can edit your login name, mail server (SMTP and POP3 should both be set for, and set your password.

When I click on the MAIL icon in Communicator, nothing happens: You will need to delete and reinstall the "profile". Click on Start, Programs, Netscape Communiator, Utilities, then User Profile Manager. Delete the profile by clicking "Delete". Create a new profile by clicking on "New". Enter your real name and your e-mail address ( When asked, your SMTP mail server and the POP3 mail server are both

There is no error message, I'm just not receiving any mail: Click the 'Get Mail' button in Netscape or the 'Send/Receive' button in Outlook Express. If your software is able to check the server for mail, Netscape will respond with "No new messages", Outlook Express will briefly display the status of checking in the lower right hand corner.

Try sending yourself a test message. Click "to:Mail", then put in the "to:" field. Put something in the subject and in the main body. With Netscape, click 'send' or with Outlook Express, click on the Send/Receive button. Did your message come back? If not, you should get some type of error message. Jump down to the error messages section of this help file. If you received your message, then click 're:Mail' and send yourself another message.

If your second message didn't come back, check your mail settings, especially the "reply to" field. In Netscape, click 'Options'. then 'Mail and News Preferences', then 'Identity'. Your 'reply to' should be In Outlook Express, click 'Tools', then Accounts, then the Mail tab, then click the properties button to check that your email address is If your second message came back, you're just unpopular. :(

There is no error message, it just downloads forever: More than likely you've got a real long message. Check the progress indicator and/or modem lights. If things are going ok, then be patient and download the file. If it goes on for too long (more than 30 minutes), delete the message using webmail.

I get the error message "Some Errors occurred while ..." from Outlook Express: The most likely cause for this is you’re not connected to the Internet. Open Internet Explorer and make sure you can surf the web. Close and open Outlook Express again. If you still get the error, check you mail settings as outlined in the first paragraph of this help section.

I use Netscape and get the error message "..unable to locate server": Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Check the status of the modem connection by clicking on the "connected to" button on the START bar or the modem icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

I can't send mail with Outlook Express and it gives me some crazy message: This usually occurs because the address is incorrect on an outgoing mail message. Delete the message from the outbox and retry mailing. I can't view an attachment: The suffix on the file name must be something that the mail program recognizes. Try saving the file to your hard drive and opening it with the appropriate application. If this is a file type you will see a lot of and you want to be able to view it from inside Netscape, you can teach Netscape what application it should use to open the file. You do this through Options, General Preferences, then Helpers. This takes some knowledge of the programs and of your operating system. If you're a novice, find an expert to help you out. Outlook Express works off of the Windows settings, so once you’ve opening the application manually, Outlook Express should work the next time.

In Outlook Express, the Help menu also provides instructions for viewing file: attachments. Click on Help, choose Contents and Index, then click on the Index tab and type in the word 'attachments' and scroll down to 'viewing' and click the Display button at the bottom.

How do I get an additional mailbox: To add an e-mail box, e-mail your request to the Backroads Webmaster or give us a call. We'll set up the new mail box and guide you through configuring your computer. Note that you will need Netscape Communicator version 4.0 (or higher) or Outlook Express version 5.0 (or higher) to configure the second mail box.