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  Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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The State
RCSD seeks three suspects involved in overnight assault, one man in hospital
Tornado not cause of storm damage in Conway
Beach trip ruined after thief smashes car window at Rock Hill Hardee’s
Georgia family still searching for Johnny Lamar Brown, reported missing in Myrtle Beach in 2012
Haley tells Atlantic Beach officials town should return to its glory days, but Bikefest must end first
State Fair grounds giving up land for football, fair pedestrian safety as part of $5-plus million renovation
Blowfish unveil Lexington vision
EXCLUSIVE: Feds accuse convicted felon of possessing gun that killed 7-year-old Gaston girl
Keeping promise to nonprofits comes at a price for Columbia
Future of Ukrainian Winthrop student uncertain as violence hits homeland

Cardinals bolster pitching, acquire Masterson
NFL on Gordon: Culpable for what's in body
Cowboys sign OT Smith to $110M contract
Scratched Lester at Fenway amid rumors
Sources: 76ers fighting new lottery proposal
Steelers' Brown rips Sanders' QB comments
RG III scoffs at zone read talk: Not who I am
Marshall sees MVP form in 'different' Cutler
Workers trying to save buckling UCLA court
Texans owner won't judge Raiders S.A. buzz

More VA staffers told to falsify
Last Enola Gay crewman dies
Hear pilot, traffic control's spat
Body of apparent stowaway found
Girl hit by plane on beach dies
Never fold your laundry again
Teen caught on cam taking THIS ...
10 yoga poses to beat stress
In the 1960s, we did overcome
See fairy tale marriage proposal

CNN ShowBiz
'Sharknado 2' storms in
Bautista loved "Guardians" makeup
Celebs step into Israel-Gaza debate
Country music's biggest earners
'Sharknado 2' set to take TV by storm
Bennett and Gaga team up
'Die Hard' actor Shigeta dies
Paramount apologizes for 9/11 'TMNT' poster
Bautista loved "Guardians" makeup
A quest to find her own Gosling

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