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  Saturday, September 20, 2014
Online Today:  PRTC now has ESPN3

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The State
SC's economy slows, jobless rate jumps
Federal jury finds Williamsburg sheriff guilty
Faith events in and around Columbia, Sept. 20 and beyond
Sheriff: videos, interviews clear deputy in this week’s Tasing of handcuffed mentally ill man
Race will delay travel around dam Saturday morning
UPDATE: Three charged with Thursday night armed robbery near USC
Trooper fired; legislator calls for toughening SC’s racial profiling law
Historic African-American school honored with marker
SC Common Core opponents target U.S. History course
Jailed for too-noisy services, Columbia pastor will appeal

Winston ban now for entire game, FSU says
Goodell vows NFL will get its 'house in order'
Sources: Wolves offer max deal to Bledsoe
Tigers pad Central lead with rout of Royals
Rex Chapman accused of shoplifting; $14K bill
Petition aiming to block Peterson from son
Rutgers acknowledges AD's Sandusky joke
Chandler: No reason to question character
W. Silva announces retirement, blames UFC
Kershaw 1st to 20 wins as Dodgers rout Cubs

Airliner's engine 'exploded'
6 must-have apps for iPhone 6
See guy drop brand new iPhone 6
Joan Rivers posts about iPhone?
Joan Rivers' doctor denies selfie
Scientists: Banana peels reduce friction
'Deadbeat' parents shamed online
Al Qaeda targets U.S. flights?
Student gives lunch, gets detention
He gave kidney to former NFL rival

CNN ShowBiz
Chris Brown: Talent and troubles
Wait ... you were on 'ER'?
Cosby: The man and the legend
Shonda Rhimes: Me, angry?
'Cosby Show': Our 10 favorite moments
'Deadpool' movie set for 2016
Shonda Rhimes: Me, angry?
'Fashion Police' to continue without Rivers
Miley twerks into trouble
Fey and Bateman's on-set laughs

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